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I met Ramona almost a year ago at a presentation. I was impressed by her enthusiasm for helping others create a grand marriage. I wanted to believe it was possible. I bought the book that night but it took a couple of bleak months to finally pick up the book and read it. I was renewed and encouraged, but found it difficult to implement everything everyday. I started to get discouraged but I refused to give up! I felt so encouraged by the weekly emails from Ramona and her blog posts. Just as I began to read the book for the second time, an invitation to join Wife for Life University landed in my inbox. I knew that this was the push I needed. I needed the support of other wives trying to better their relationships. I needed the weekly encouragement from Ramona and my TA. As I opened up and asked the questions I needed to and listened to others share their uplifting experiences and realizations, I felt for the first time in a long time that I could take responsibility for my own happiness, that I could allow myself to feel cherished by my husband and that we could build something that would enrich not just our lives but our children and many many others who see the results of the love we have built. It’s work. Hard work. But the results are so rewarding. The friendship I have with my spouse sustains me. I am so grateful to Ramona for writing this inspired work and for continuing to build a community of women who lift each other up and help each other along on our journey towards a grand marriage.

Wife for Life University Graduate Adele

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

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