Barbara’s Story

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I came across Wife for Life because of my sister.  She had been to one of Ramona’s live presentations and decided to buy her book.  She knew I was struggling in my marriage so she gave me Ramona’s book for Christmas. I felt such despair but when I read her book, I found hope. I thought, “I can do this!”

The book recommended mentoring so I took a chance and called. I was shocked to learn that the mentoring was from Ramona. I didn’t have much money or time and four little kids. When Ramona invited me to join the Wife for Life University, I felt it was worth a try and the price was right. (She even gave me a discount.)  Also, I never had to leave my house or get a babysitter. It worked perfectly for me. I asked my husband if it would be okay and he was completely skeptical. Honestly, I was still too. I struggled with feelings like “Ramona is only in it for the money” and “she doesn’t really care about me or my marriage.”  I still didn’t believe in myself and was very self-conscious. I worried about people thinking I was immature or stupid. I was also afraid to trust Ramona with the details of my personal life.

What I found at Wife for Life was the complete opposite. I found sincere support, understanding, and love. It took a little while, but I soon learned that Ramona wasn’t in it for the money. She is so generous of her time and talents. She truly cares about helping women succeed in marriage. Her concern for my marriage and me was authentic! Best of all, she is completely trustworthy and she is RIGHT. It works! Wife for Life University helped me to apply the principles she teaches. (Reading the book wasn’t enough for me.) Also listening to the other women helped me to see things in my own life. I knew I didn’t understand men but I was surprised to learn that I didn’t understand myself either. At Wife for Life University I gained greater understanding of men but also of myself. I learned I wasn’t abnormal or unique in my struggles. I found a safe place to learn and grow and share.

I have attended Wife for Life University four times now! I know that sounds crazy! But it truly is a delight! I am still learning so much! My marriage before Wife for Life was barely surviving. Ramona saved my marriage. We took a complete 180 after my first semester. It was amazing!  My husband loves Ramona! Even when I fall into old habits, he suggests I do Wife for Life University again. My confidence and feelings of self worth are increasing and I have learned that change is possible. I have changed! I am so thankful for W4L University and what it has done for my life. It is definitely worth all the time, all the money, and all the effort!

Cami S.

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next semester begins January 10, 2018 and enrollment opens October 18, 2017.