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I’ve never been married, so I was a bit skeptical of Wife for Life University. I didn’t know if it would apply to me. But I’ve since learned that it applies to every woman. W4LU has changed my life! It is absolutely worth every penny. I only discovered it two months ago, and already Wife for Life principles have saved me from several arguments, mistakes, and awkward moments. This class brought me perspective that I never knew I was lacking, but that I now can’t imagine living without. It’s brought light and understanding to every aspect of my life, because Wife for Life principles are everywhere. This class will not only improve your relationship/marriage, but your view of every man you’ve ever known. I can’t even count the moments when I’ve thought, “Oh wow. That’s why he did that.” And “Oh wow, that’s why I did that!” W4LU will change your entire world.


You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next semester begins January 10, 2018 and enrollment opens October 18, 2017.