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I learned more practical information from Wife For Life University than from any class I have ever taken. I had read the book previously and loved it, of course, and thought I was doing pretty good at being a wife. I decided to take the class because this is my second marriage and I’m more committed than ever to make this marriage successful. After the first week of class, I realized I had so much to learn. Throughout the course, I had 4 significant “aha” moments that have changed my marriage, and in turn, my life. I still have so much to learn, and I’m looking forward to taking this class over and over so all the information can sink in and I will really become the wife I’ve always wanted to be. I have already recommended this class to my sisters, friends, and coworkers, and I will continue to tell every woman I meet about it. This class is life changing!  If you have a willing heart and open mind, you will learn so much and be able to create a marriage that is significantly more fulfilling.

Cami S, Wife for Life University Graduate

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next semester begins January 10, 2018 and enrollment opens October 18, 2017.