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Want to enroll, but concerned about the cost?

We know the #1 reason women hesitate to sign up for Wife for Life University, even though they really need to and want to, is cost. This is a labor of love, and we’ve made Wife for Life University as inexpensive as we possibly can while still maintaining the essential personal nature of it. If you really want to come but are still not sure you can afford it, please consider the following:

1. Consider the Self Study Program

We invite you to consider our Self-Study Program which includes all the instructional materials as well as a montly Q&A. The personal nature of the Full-Experience is truly transformative, but if you just can’t afford it right now, the Self-Study will get you learning and applying without delay, and that is the first step to change.

As a bonus, if you sign up for Self-Study, we will deduct the price from your enrollment in a future Full-Experience semester. That means you won’t have to pay twice for the instructional materials!

2. Consider a payment plan

We have 3-month payment plans for both the Full-Experience and the Self-Study programs to make paying for Wife for Life University as easy as possible. You will see the options on the check out page.

4. Consider the true cost

The Full-Experience costs less per week costs less dinner out or a pair of shoes. Consider all the things you spend money on each week and if they are as valuable as the life-changing, long-lasting impact you’ll receive from Wife for Life University. As one of our grads relates:

“I was nervous initially about the cost but when I talked to my mom about it she said, ‘I can think of nothing more important to invest your money in than your marriage.’ She was so right! After one semester of W4LU, I was ready to drag my husband to the local tattoo parlor and get ‘forever’ branded somewhere on each of us. Even though we didn’t actually get matching tattoos, I know now that I have the power to make our marriage grand and that it will last forever.” 

Once you make the leap of faith to allot your resources toward benefiting your marriage, regardless if it seems to fit your budget at this moment of time or not, what you will discover is that it’s really been a matter, all along, of prioritizing yourself. As one of our graduates explains:

“What may seem like a sacrifice to you now, you will find is not a sacrifice at all. It all comes back to you ten-fold! I now have the most valuable of sought-after treasures: a deeply connected forever friendship with the love of my life. It has been worth every penny and every effort made!”

The fact is, all these incredible systems and supports and people and personalization (that are all focused on helping you achieve your dreams) cost money; but far less than other marriage intervention or educational programs, which are also often far less effective. Because our team is absolutely committed to giving you as much value as possible, your enrollment in Wife for Life University includes not only our full ten week experience, but also invaluable lifetime supports.

Wife for Life University has been an answer to my prayers, and I would be willing to pay over and over and over again for this course!

3. Remember, we offer a 100% money back guarantee

We are so convinced that Wife for Life University will be the best marital education program you have ever experienced that we offer a 100% money back guarantee in the first four weeks. If you are not happy or satisfied with your experience at Wife for Life University by that time, we will refund your full tuition.

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next next semester begins January 17, 2019 and enrollment will open soon. To be notified when enrollment opens, sign up for Ramona's FREE 2 hours on-demand webinar, "Your Power to Succeed in Marriage."