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I started Wife For Life University really excited to learn, but feeling a little anxious about whether I would get overwhelmed with more things to “do” for my husband.  I was picturing “homework” that involved things like breakfast in bed for him, a day of him staying home from work while I catered to his requests, never asking for his help with the kids anymore, etc.  And I’m sure he pictured something like that when I told him I was going to be taking a class to help me be “an even better wife!”

What I found – from the first day of class – was that those expectations couldn’t have been further from reality.

My whole perspective has changed; from the way I look at my husband and our marriage, to what I believe will make me the wife my husband deserves.  Instead of a to-do list of more chores to take off his plate, etc., I’ve learned things like how to talk to him in his language, how to respond to him in different situations, how to be a true friend to him (the kind of friend he wants), how to be inspiring to him, how to ask him for what I need (and get it!), how to be irresistible to him.  And I have changed, and keep changing.  The way I look at him, think about him, feel about him.  I understand, appreciate, respect, and love him so much more.  And I know now how to show that to him.

I also have had so many questions answered!  Once I got married I suddenly realized I had questions that I didn’t feel like I could ask any of my married friends (“um, did you and your husband just happen to have the same goals, or how did that work for you? …’cause I just found out we don’t.”).  Ramona talks about all of this stuff!  And I feel so reassured, and so happy and confident with what I’ve learned.

One thing that’s very important to me when I take any class, is that I’ll be able to use what I’m taught, and will know how to apply it to my specific situation.  Everything I’ve learned has been taught in a very clear, actionable way.  This is not fluffy, abstract stuff where you leave wondering how to put it into practice.  These are strategies that you will understand how to use starting that day.  I’ve been so excited after every class to start using what I’ve learned.

And this stuff works!!  I’m married to a guy who I love coming home to.  But like everyone else, we have stresses and pressures, and life quickly tossed out our honeymoon phase the second we got home from that and went back to work.  I got so busy worrying about everything we were responsible for, that I forgot to look at him the way I used to when we were dating (back when I paid attention to how interesting, fun, thoughtful, attractive, and talented he is).  Since I started this class, more and more often I catch myself looking at him and responding to him that way, and he notices and responds to me.  We have so many more of those fun magical little moments where we’re flirting and laughing and enjoying being together – opportunities I would have missed before.  I also have a lot more of those wonderful magic moments where he’s doing something for me that I need: helping out around the house, listening to me when I need someone to talk to, or helping with the kids.

I have more energy.  I’m so much more cheerful and less stressed.  I’m feeling very confident, very empowered and very reassured.

Wife For Life University was such a blessing for me!  I want to tell every woman I know about this!

Wife for Life University Graduate Joan

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next semester begins January 10, 2018 and enrollment opens October 18, 2017.