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I have been married for 27+ years. Early in my marriage I followed the modeling I had had.  It took me a few years to see the problems, and I do not remember how I came to the conclusion that I had to change and be different than what I had seen, but I did. I worked very hard to see the good and always be positive in the way I spoke to my children of my husband and to teach them to respect and admire him. I even created opportunities to express it to him in front of them or to them in front of him. He is their hero.

Over time and with effort our marriage has grown from good to great but still with ups and downs that seemed beyond my control. I have read a lot of books and that has been helpful, but it is difficult to try new things and sustain them long enough to develop new habits and patterns especially without a big picture to see how all those parts fit together. I figured we had hit a ceiling; this was as good as it gets.

I attended the Understanding Men webinar thinking I might get one or two new ideas out of it. I was so impressed with the amount and quality of the information presented and wanted more! When I heard about the book I was determined to get it, but when I heard about the Wife for Life University course I felt that was the piece that was going to get the book through me not just me through the book.

Wife for Life University has been instrumental in helping me find the path I have been searching for over the years. My first success was in leaving the old path and striking out for a new one, getting closer to it all the time, but not sure exactly how it would look. Now I am on it! My three daughters will have better relationships because they saw my best efforts, and now I have even more to share and model.

And the ceiling I thought we had hit? The roof is off! We are reaching new levels of love, understanding, and companionship that I had only dreamed of! The best part is I know there is even more to look forward to because I now understand my part in how to get us there.

Thank you, Ramona and the wonderful TA’s!

Wife for Life University Graduate Adele

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next semester begins January 10, 2018 and enrollment opens October 18, 2017.