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My sister in law, recommended Wife for Life to me. She told me what Ramona was trying to accomplish and why, and I felt like I wanted to support her, so I bought the book. I read the first chapter, which I found interesting, and then put it on the shelf for several months, not feeling ready to make any changes. Then I came across her Wife for Life University, and felt strongly drawn to participate (although I usually shy away from putting myself “out there” with people I don’t know).

I wasn’t able to participate during the live discussions because of other commitments, but I soaked up every recorded lecture in the evening. I was spread pretty thin with between everything I was trying to do, and didn’t have a lot of faith that my marriage would improve (which felt mediocre at best), plus I was going through another round of depression and anxiety. I emailed Ramona that I didn’t know if I could do what she was asking me to try. The next class, I felt like she was talking to me personally (even though I was listening to the recording later), and she promised that if “I” would try, I would be happier, and it would be worth it. I was amazed that of all the people she was helping she would personally address my concerns. I committed to investing myself in the things she was teaching. Of the several suggested exercises she gave each week, I would pick one, and focus my efforts.

I remember the first week, the only thing I changed was the way I was thinking about my spouse. I could hardly believe the immediate and sometimes profound differences I began to see in not only my relationship with my husband, but also with my relationship with myself, and with God. Every small effort I made to follow her suggestions was rewarded (sometimes immediately, and others have come over time) with increased emotional connection with my husband, understanding…even romance (gasp!).

In my previous 12 years of marriage. I had been continually waiting (and asking) for my husband to change and to make the effort to show that he loved me. It was so empowering for me to learn that I could create the happiness I wanted in my marriage and in my life. And now a year after my journey with WFLU began, I continue to see the love and satisfaction in my marriage grow as I apply the “Wife for Life” principles. He is my best friend again, and I feel hope and joy in our daily interactions. In addition I have gained a dear friend and support in Ramona, who answered every email and concern, and cheered and guided me along the way. Her book and Wife for Life University have been a life changer for me!


You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next semester begins January 10, 2018 and enrollment opens October 18, 2017.