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Whether you grew up in a home with loving, respectful parents, or in a split home with turmoil and tension, W4L is for you. I came from split parents who never learned how to get along, or to respect each other. I have always had a fear that I would end up in that same boat.  And, I tend to believe that was where I was headed. W4L couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.  My husband, of just about a year, and I are expecting a child in a few months. As excitement has grown for the two of us and for my son of a previous marriage, the fears were starting to bubble inside me. Fears of long nights of arguing and disagreements regarding how to raise our new baby, family standards and how, with my son, his step-son, to keep a balance of keeping him feeling the same importance and love as before the baby. My fears were definitely based on my lack of understanding of what makes a man tick and my inability to “act” the right way as a woman.

Wife For Life has had huge impact on me personally and an even bigger impact on my relationship. It is like the answer key, the road map, the hand book for a woman in a marriage or on her way to marriage. I have a new understanding of men, and how they generally behave. I, also, have a new and deeper understanding of me, a woman, and what makes me behave the way I do.

It teaches you to keep all of your good stuff and how and why to adjust your not so good stuff. Ramona, the Husband Whisperer, I like to call her, gives realistic examples of what to do or say in different situations and shares her own experiences of the trials and tribulations of marriage. She just makes sense!!!

My fears propelled me into finding proof that I was wrong.  Wife for Life, the book, paired with Wife for Life University, has settled my fears and armed me with the hope, ability and knowledge of how to achieve a “Grand Marriage.” I’m only five months or so into this transformation, but so far, the changes have brought both my husband and I incredible joy and hope for our future!  I look forward to growing old, wrinkly and grey with my loving, sweet husband cherishing me over our life time.


You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next semester begins January 10, 2018 and enrollment opens October 18, 2017.