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I’m LynnLee, a wife and mom who spends 50 plus hours a week at work caring for an entire collection of animals.  Last year I was giving myself a little mini makeover.  I shed 30 lbs, was working hard to be innovative at work, re-vamping my mom skills, and getting in a groove with the housework.  I was feeling good until I found myself staring at the one thing in my life that didn’t come natural to me: being a wife.  After 7 years of floundering around trying to find my way I simply googled, “How to be a better wife.” That’s when I discovered Ramona’s webpage.  I devoured her blogs, youtube videos, and online course “How to help your husband help you.” Then I jumped in on her book.

Each page was a new lightbulb, a new insight, a new ah-ha moment, a new way to look at myself, and a new way to see my husband.  I was so excited, so rejuvenated.  It was all so glaringly simple and easy.  Then I enrolled in Wife for Life University.  I was nervous about the cost but when I talked to my mom about it she said, “I can think of nothing more important to invest you money in than your marriage.”  She was so right!  After one semester of W4LU I was ready to drag my husband to the local tattoo parlor and get “forever” branded somewhere on each of us.  Even though we didn’t actually get matching tattoos I know now that forever is in my control.  I have the power to make our marriage grand and that it will last forever.

Wife for Life University Graduate Adele

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next semester begins January 10, 2018 and enrollment opens October 18, 2017.