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With 40+ years of marriage and two years until retirement, I couldn’t believe that I was still scouring the internet for solutions to “fixing” my relationship and my husband! From the outside, I had an enviable marriage, but from the inside; we were crumbling. Bickering, resentments and lack of intimacy were threatening our future together. When I tried to talk about these things, my husband saw it as disloyal and just didn’t seem to feel or see what I was seeing. It really felt hopeless. I stumbled on Wife for Life and Ramona by accident. I was looking at Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s podcasts and saw posting about Dreambreaker Road! I emailed Ramona and was shocked to get a personal reply. She coached me and together we managed a plan for me to enroll into the next session of the university. The concepts I learned over the ten weeks have just begun to take hold in me. But, I see clearly now (yes, I hum that song) that I was not nurturing or growing the marriage I wanted or we deserved. Right after my 10 week session ended, I had to have emergency surgery and almost didn’t make it twice. During that ordeal and the following weeks of recuperation I have been reminded daily of my husband’s love, devotion and steadfastness. I have tools now to help me understand him better and how to reinforce the good in our relationship and how to handle my own fears and insecurities. I’ve been given a toolbox to use to start building my grand marriage and to truly become the wife I want to be and the one my husband needs me to be. I can’t wait to take more semesters and hopefully, one day; I can say I have that marriage and I’ll be a Master and able to help others. I feel like God gifted me the opportunity to find Ramona and the wonderful ladies at W4L and now he wants to see what I will do.

Lynne A. - Wife for Life University Graduate

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next semester begins January 10, 2018 and enrollment opens October 18, 2017.