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As a happily married women of eight years, I loved the book “Wife for Life” for all the wisdom contained therein. (Not to mention the wonderful and easy-to-understand way it was written.) When I had the chance to participate in W4LU, I found my study of the marriage principles contained therein enhanced to an even greater degree. W4LU has been fun, delightful, and endlessly informative as I have shared and listened to experiences of real-life marriage from my fellow attendees and how their marriages have been strengthened by applying Wife-for-Life principles.

I have always been interested in marriage and started studying it when I was a teenager. I was mentored by several wise women, read a lot of marriage books, and listened to the real life advice/examples of the many friends who got married before I did. After we were married, my husband and I continued our study of marriage (me more than him, although he involved himself from time to time). When I first read “Wife for Life,” I was really impressed. It is the best book on marriage I’ve read (and I’ve read many). I loved the way it was written and all the principles I learned. It explained so many of the differences between men and women better than anything else I had read or heard about. W4LU added even more as I participated with other women discussing the book and their experiences. I think talking about ideas and listening to others’ stories helps concrete ideas better than anything else can. I love Wife for Life University for the better wife it helps me become, which helps my marriage be strengthened – headed straight towards Grand!

Cami S.

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

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