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I have been married for six years to a wonderful man.  My husband is kind and helpful, an involved father, and a very faithful and devoted husband.  But there have been times in my marriage when I have felt very alone and distant from my husband. I have longed for more emotional closeness, as probably many women do.  When I first read Wife For Life, I instantly loved the book and felt the wisdom of the principles taught in the book.  As someone who has studied relationships for many years, I could tell that there was something different about this book.  Not only were the ideas and principles well thought out and beautifully explained, but the whole tone and message of the book was uplifting. I felt inspired. I felt that someone understood me and my husband and sincerely wanted to help us build an even stronger marriage.

But it was not until I began Wife for Life University that I really began learning. As I have been reading the chapters, pondering the questions from the study guide, and discussing the ideas with other women, I have begun to really start applying some of the principles to my life.  As a result, I see changes happening in my marriage.  I feel happier as a person.   understand and appreciate my husband so much more. I am learning specific things that I can do to be a better wife.  I feel excited about the process of developing a “grand” marriage. Ramona has become a loving and wise mentor and example. She challenges us to become better in such a gentle, yet straightforward manner.  I look forward to the group discussion every week with other women, where there is such a feeling of support and encouragement. This has truly been a life-changing experience for me and I am so glad to have found Wife For Life!

Cami S.

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

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