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Stories from Wife for Life University

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A very dear friend of mine introduced me to “Wife For Life” and Wife for Life University while I was dating my now-husband. As a child of divorced parents, I had more than the usual fears and concerns about marriage and relationships…

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I came across Wife for Life because of my sister.  She had been to one of Ramona’s live presentations and decided to buy her book. She knew I was struggling in my marriage so she gave me Ramona’s book for Christmas. I felt such despair but when I read her book, I found hope. I thought, “I can do this!”…

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This program is one of the best things I have ever done in my life! It has TRANSFORMED me as an individual, as well as my marriage—in literally weeks—as I have implemented the information and put it to the test. Ramona is an amazing, upbeat, enthusiastic, inspired, wise, genuine woman!

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I started Wife For Life University excited to learn, but anxious about whether I would get overwhelmed with more to “do” for my husband.  What I found—from the first day—was that those expectations couldn’t have been further from reality. My whole perspective has changed….

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My sister in law, recommended Wife for Life to me. She told me what Ramona was trying to accomplish and why, and I felt like I wanted to support her, so I bought the book. I read the first chapter, which I found interesting, and then put it on the shelf for several months, not feeling ready to make any changes. Then I came across her Wife for Life University…

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After 7 years of floundering around trying to find my way I simply googled, “How to be a better wife.” That’s when I discovered Ramona’s webpage.  I devoured her blogs, youtube videos, and online course “How to help your husband help you.” Then I jumped in on her book…. Then I enrolled in Wife for Life University.  I was nervous about the cost but when I talked to my mom about it she said, “I can think of nothing more important to invest you money in than your marriage.”  She was so right!

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I have been married for six years to a wonderful man.  My husband is kind and helpful, an involved father, and a very faithful and devoted husband.  But there have been times in my marriage when I have felt very alone and distant from my husband. I have longed for more emotional closeness, as probably many women do…

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I felt for the first time in a long time that I could take responsibility for my own happiness, that I could allow myself to feel cherished by my husband and that we could build something that would enrich not just our lives but our children and many many others who see the results of the love we have built…

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The payoff for Wife for Life has been immediate and deep.  It has given me perspective to calmly reframe things that annoy and bewilder me into the bigger picture of my husband’s quest; hence our home and my heart have become more peaceful.

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The book is informative and easy to understand, but W4LU brings a much fuller learning experience. I was able to hear women discuss their own real-life examples—adding to what Ramona shared in her book—and talk about how they have or are trying to apply W4L principles.

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Wife for Life University has been instrumental in helping me find the path I have been searching for over the years. My first success was in leaving the old path and striking out for a new one, getting closer to it all the time, but not sure exactly how it would look. Now I am on it! My three daughters will have better relationships because they saw my best efforts, and now I have even more to share and model.

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Whether you grew up in a home with loving, respectful parents, or in a split home with turmoil and tension, W4L is for you. I came from split parents who never learned how to get along, or to respect each other. I have always had a fear that I would end up in that same boat.  And, I tend to believe that is were I was headed. W4L couldn’t have come at a better time in my life…

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When my first husband died in an accident, I thought my experiment with marriage was over, and I was ready to be just a mother and grandmother from that point on. I wasn’t about to subject myself to that pretense again. However, deep in my heart, I knew I wanted to believe that marriage could be good – even grand….

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After experiencing Ramona’s Understanding Your Man webinar, I desired to attend Wife for Life University. I took the course with the hope of helping a friend with her marriage’s pending ending and soon realized I could use the tools to strengthen my own!…

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Wife for Life University is an incredible learning journey, not just about your ‘other-half’, but also about yourself. Looking at your spouse is like looking in a mirror—I now see what I can do in the relationship and what I need to work on. I am more mature as a wife since W4LU. For instance, my husband says, ‘You don’t cry anymore!’—and that’s true because I have learned that it’s is absolutely okay to be happy….

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I’ve never been married, so I was a bit skeptical of Wife for Life University. I didn’t know if it would apply to me. But I’ve since learned that it applies to every woman. W4LU has changed my life! It is absolutely worth every penny. I only discovered it two months ago, and already Wife for Life principles have saved me from several arguments, mistakes, and awkward moments….

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Wife for Life! I can hardly put into words what it has done for me! It saved not only my marriage but it saved ME! Before I got married I told myself I wasn’t going to argue with my husband, but we all know that was doomed from the start. Eventually the contention became more negative and hurtful then I ever thought it would….

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I have been married for 22 years to the nicest guy and we have five beautiful children.  I thought our marriage was happy and strong, but to be honest I was struggling!  His employment had required him to travel out of the country more and more over the last few years for weeks at a time, and I was busy managing the family needs without him home. Needless to say, I was feeling miserable and overwhelmed!

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Soon after our marriage, I was sure I had made a mistake and wanted to leave and dissolve my marriage — actually many times within that first year — but I kept sticking it out as a result of a friend’s counsel. Right after we celebrated our first anniversary, I bought Wife for Life, the audio book and a few months after that attended Ramona’s webinar on Understanding Men, which brought me to Wife for Life University…

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As a happily married women of eight years, I loved the book Wife for Life for all the wisdom contained therein. When I had the chance to participate in W4LU, I found my study of the marriage principles contained therein enhanced to an even greater degree. W4LU has been fun, delightful, and endlessly informative…

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