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After experiencing Ramona’s Understanding Your Man webinar, I desired to attend Wife for Life University. I took the course with the hope of helping a friend with her marriage’s pending ending and soon realized I could use the tools to strengthen my own! With a marriage to my sweet husband already in a very positive place, I wondered how it could get even BETTER?

I was just coming out of “la-la-land”–the honeymoon stage (as we have just been married 14 months) and the course eased the transition–though I will never surrender it entirely! Marital knowledge is power, and its increase was welcomed. At age 70, I found I had a lot to learn so I went to work, studied the book, did the exercises and tested the truths with good results. 

My empathy for men has expanded. I feel an equal and a greater responsibility to be a supportive partner. I can more easily be clear on my needs and wants. I don’t panic when things go wrong. I can also look at my relationship with my sons with new understanding as well. 

With 47 years of being married, I’m realizing I have lacked some basic skills easily taught in Ramona’s upbeat style. She balances humor with reality in encouraging those of us married to a “good guy” to hang on with all our might, to support and uplift our man and to enjoy the exciting process.

The main value of the course has been to feel my female power and to use it more effectively for both our good. I am a positive contributor to our happiness and well being, I feel less needy and self-centered. My circle of influence has expanded with increased confidence in forever-ness.

Vickie C.

You have nothing to lose but your old frustrations.

The next semester begins January 10, 2018 and enrollment opens October 18, 2017.